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Full-Page Advertisement for “Someone Wicked” in Suspense Magazine

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The current issue of Suspense Magazine features a full-page advertisement for Smart Rhino Publications‘ acclaimed anthology “Someone Wicked” which features a short story—“The Tail of Fate”—from Peisithanatos Press’ very own Ernestus Jiminy Chald. “Someone Wicked” is currently available from, Barnes & Noble, and other purveyors of fine literature.




Newest Releases from Oilcan Press

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Our dear friends at Oilcan Press have been very busy lately producing the sorts of brilliant books that only they are capable of offering.  Among these pulchritudinous works of literary/optical art are “The Poetry Killer”, “The Brooklyn Public Library”, and “The Puddle Boy” by the incomparably brilliant Edgar Oliver, and “Other Miserable Gems” by Lorry Kikta .  As is the case with all Oilcan Press titles, these books are as gratifying for the eyes to behold as they are to read, and make welcome additions to any collector’s library.


“The Philosophy of Disenchantment; or The Ephemeral (mis)Adventures of Arthur Snowpenhauer”

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Coming soon from Thomas Press.


My Grandfather Sleeps — Ernestus Jiminy Chald

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This is where my Grandfather sleeps,
In a casket satin-lined.
Although he’s slept here for twenty years,
I know my Grandpa’s doing fine.
I remember the day we bore his coffin—
We six in gloves so white—
And heard the priest recite mournful verses
As my Grandpa’s coffin
Was lowered out of sight.
I remember how my Grandpa looked at his wake—
An effigy waxen and grey—
And wonder how my Grandfather would look
If I disinterred his coffin today.